Used F-150

Used Ford F-150 in McAllen

Look at the trucks on the road today and consider how many Ford trucks you see. Now, think about how many you may see that are five, ten, even twenty years old still out on the road. Ford is a proven auto manufacturer, and its products, especially the Ford F-150, are still performing many years after their original production date. The F-150 is one of the most popular used vehicles at our McAllen Ford dealership, simply because Ford has staying power. These trucks keep performing, and performing well, for decades. They are dependable and still capable, even when comparable trucks are ready to retire.

What can customers expect to see on a pre-owned lot when looking for a Ford F-150? Drivers are likely to find many late-model Ford F-150 trucks on a dealer's lot, but they don't sit for very long. That's because drivers know that a pre-owned F-150 is tough and durable, and they provide multiple owners with excellent service.

Trim Levels

The F-150 is regularly available on used lots, and customers are more likely to find models from the last five production years at our dealership near Mission. These trucks usually have low mileage, and they still have a lot of "life" left in them. In fact, buying a used F-150 is often one of the best ways to get just the right truck for your adventures around Edinburg. The trim levels on these trucks haven't changed much over the last five years. If these years are of interest to you, you may find the following trim levels on our pre-owned lot:

  • Ford F-150 XL - The base model is typically a work truck trim. Many will come outfitted with Ford Co-Pilot360™ technology, which is a great driver-assistance system in new Ford vehicles that helps with everything from towing to lane changes.
  • F-150 XLT - The XLT is a great work truck with a few extra amenities to enhance your driving comfort and confidence.
  • F-150 Lariat - As a mid-level trim, the Lariat offers some nice amenities but is great for the driver on a budget.
  • F-150 King Ranch - The King Ranch is a work truck with plenty of luxury, making it a great family truck for driving around Weslaco.
  • F-150 Platinum - This model gives you everything you get with the King Ranch trim but with chrome accents on the exterior.
  • F-150 Limited - If you want a fully-loaded F-150, choose the Limited. It makes a great truck for those who love to travel or need a mobile office.

Occasionally, customers may be able to find the F-150 Raptor in our used inventory. The Raptor is an off-road version of the F-150 with a revised suspension as well as some other features that make it the perfect adventure truck.

Save Money on Your Next Pre-Owned Ford Purchase

Drivers looking to save money typically do so on the used vehicle lot. Vehicles depreciate immediately, and it happens the minute you pull out of the dealership lot. In most instances, those drivers who choose a brand-new vehicle can never recoup this loss. However, the brand-new F-150 customer's loss is the pre-owned customer's gain! Drivers who purchase a pre-owned Ford F-150 often save thousands.

Financing the pre-owned Ford F-150 is also easy! Our dealership's finance department will work hard to get you financed, and we'll also work to save you as much money as possible on your purchase.

Customers should also be aware that many late-model used F-150 trucks still have a great deal of warranty left, even as a used vehicle. However, our dealership can help provide a great extended warranty that can last for some time; be sure to inquire with our sales staff about any possible warranty.

Additionally, we carry used SUVs for drivers who want to do occasional towing. You can regularly locate a used Ford Explorer or a used Ford Escape at our dealership near Alamo. Please contact us soon, and we can help you find the right set of wheels for your family's adventures.