Explore the 2023 Ford F-150 for Sale at Boggus Ford McAllen

The 2023 Ford F-150 is one of our top-selling trucks. The latest version offers plenty of new security features to go along with its performance. Here at Boggus Ford McAllen, we are proud to educate you about what makes this truck so special. It makes a great option if you need to haul gear around town. However, it is also an excellent vehicle for people who want something safe. The Ford F-150 manages to be good at everything it does. The best part about this truck is its affordable price, as it is the entry-level option in our new Ford truck inventory.

Interior and Exterior Amenities

The new Ford F-150 offers a spacious interior. You can bring your family and friends along for the ride, and they will be able to stretch their legs out a bit. On top of that, the exterior appears highly optimized to sit high off the ground, making it easier for you to traverse select roads. You will turn a lot of heads, which is a major advantage for people looking to stand out. Additionally, you have plenty of entertainment options to keep you and your lucky passengers entertained and connected.


Our new Ford trucks are tough because they feature high-strength military-grade aluminum alloy materials. The bed is quite durable, and it can take a lot of punishment from your wood planks, tools, and other construction materials. You won't have to worry about going off the beaten path, as the 2023 F-150 truck does extremely well on unpaved roads. Additionally, it includes a lot of key technologies that can help you with the towing process. For example, some cameras help you see what is happening with whatever you are towing. It makes the process easier, and you no longer have to worry about some avoidable accidents happening while hauling big and bulky items.

Technology Highlights

The technology is intuitive on the Ford F-150, and you have plenty of options for safety and entertainment. For example, you can get Ford Co-Pilot360™ tech, Ford's suite of tools for helping you navigate the world around you. You also have Active Park Assist 2.0, and you can activate that tech with only the push of a button. On the inside, you get great technology to keep you entertained. You have a 4G LTE connection, which means you will be able to stay connected to the Internet from almost anywhere. That feature alone makes this truck perfect for people looking to set up a mobile office or embark on a long road trip. 

Safety and Driver-Assist Features

There are few vehicles on the road that will be safer than a Ford truck. However, you still get a suite of sensors that will continually scan what is happening around you. These sensors tell you when it is safe to change lanes, brake for vehicles in front of you, and even automatically brake for pedestrians. These safety features are incredible, and they provide plenty of value for people on long journeys.

Powertrain Options

One of the key areas that Ford does well is on the powertrain. You have six different engines to choose from, and one of those options is a powerful diesel engine. On top of that, you get those engines bolted to a 10-speed automatic transmission. That smooth transmission helps you perform well in every situation. If you require more towing power, consider our Ford Super Duty trucks, like the new Ford F-250 and Ford F-350 models. 

Our Ford sales associates will happily discuss all the trucks, SUVs and more and their advantages with you at your convenience.